Gereh – Live at Azadi Tower

کنسرت گروه موسیقی «گره» شامگاه هشتم و نهم مهر ماه در برج آزادی برگزار شد.

در این کنسرت شهروز گودرزی و هادی کیانی (خواننده)، سهیل زرین کلک (گیتار)، آندره خاچیکیان (گیتار الکتریک)،  محمد نیک (بیس)، نوید رهبر (کیبورد) و بهزاد اشعاری (درامز)  به هنرنمایی پرداختند.

گره در اولین اجرای خود به بازنوازي قطعاتي کلاسيک از موزيک راک به شرح زير پرداختند.


1. Allan and Lande – Come Alive
2. Ronnie James Dio – Holy Diver
3. Rainbow – Can’t Let You Go
4. System of a Down – Aerials
5. John Petrucci – Glasgow Kiss (Instrumental)
6. Symphony X – Without You
7. Poets of The Fall – Carnival of Rust
8. Bryan Adams – Summer of 69
9. Iron Maiden – The Wicker Man
10. Five Finger Death Punch – Hard to See
11. Skidrow – 18 and Life
12. John Petrucci – Curve (Instrumental)
13. Breaking Benjamin – Breath
14. Scorpions – You and I
15. Metallica – King Nothing

Reza Yazdani’s new record is out.

Reza Yazdani, One of the biggest names in Iran’s music scene, just released his new record, Entitled “Duel Dar Ayene”. The record has 16 tracks and I played electric guitar rhythms and solos on 3 of these tracks. These 3 tracks are:

1. Mitarsam
2. Radio
3. In Rooza

You can buy the record digitally from (+). Hope you guys like the tunes. You can here to the track, “In Rooza” which released as a single track couple of weeks ago on Reza Yazdani’s official website here: